10-in-1 Professional Electric Manicure & Pedicure Set

$ 49.99

Utilyze’s 10-in-1 Professional Electric Manicure & Pedicure Set gives you the power of professional salon-quality manicures and pedicures in your hands without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Say goodbye to expensive trips to the salon & hello to beautiful, glowing nails every day in just a few seconds!

Here is what you’ll get when you purchase today:

  • Progressive 10-Speed System 

With a powerful and reliable 10-Speed motor, you have the ability to choose a speed that works best for your nails.

  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Design 

Designed with users like you in mind, the comfortable design provides powerful precision that will work for both natural and artificial nails.

  • Innovative Touch Control 

Beautifully designed one-touch selection system makes it extremely easy to operate. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise Rotation 

Usable from any direction and on both hands and feet – equipping you with the ability to provide your nails the care and attention they deserve.

  • Detachable Bright Cold LED Light

Provides a highlighted view during use so you can get to the hard to reach places with clarity. 

  • Detachable Protective Cover

Collects dead skin and nail residue so you won’t have to worry about making a mess.

  • Attractive Travel Case 

Included in the box is a beautiful travel case that makes it easy for you to maintain your nails on the go.

Included in the set are 7 Interchangeable Sapphire Coated Attachments: 

  • Cylindrical Milling Cutter

Grinds and smooths dried toenail surfaces.

  • Felt Polishing Cone

Smooths and polishes the edge of nails after filing. 

  • Fine Sapphire Shaping Disk

Files nails with precision and safety. 

  • Flame Milling Cutter

Removes ingrown nails.

  • Rough Sapphire Shaping Disk

Trims thick nails easily. 

  • Sapphire Callus Sander

Easily eliminates thick calluses and large weals on the sole and heel. 

  • Sapphire Cone

Removes hardened skin, especially on the feet.

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