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Utilyze Radiant Pro - Smart Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Aging Face Massage Device

Utilyze Radiant Pro - Smart Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Aging Face Massage Device

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The Ultimate All-in-One Skincare System

Many facial products prioritize cost over addressing the intricacies of your facial needs. The Radiant Pro is meticulously engineered to work with the natural elasticity of your skin, while thoroughly removing every bit of debris. A gentle sonic micro-massage relieves tension in facial muscles allowing for enhanced absorption of skincare products like anti-aging serums and moisturizers, improving skin hydration. This contributes to a reduction in visible signs of aging and inflammation. Achieving cleaner and healthier skin has never been easier.

Give your face the premium care it deserves. No compromises.


facial cleansing brush face scrubber

Patented SonicWave Technology

Providing 10x better results than using hands alone, our advanced sonic oscillation effectively exfoliates 99.9% of dirt, oils, or any unwanted debris


facial cleansing brush face scrubber

Gentle & Thorough

While other options are either harmful or ineffective, the Radiant Pro is able to gently reach deep beneath the surface and effectively unclog pores


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Can be used at the sink, shower, or even during a relaxing bath. Enjoy the freedom to prioritize your skincare regimen wherever you find it best

Revolutionizing facial care for flawless, healthy cleansing.


facial cleansing brush face scrubber

3 Progressive Speed Settings

With three levels of sonic power, enjoy the flexibility to personalize your cleansing experience


facial cleansing brush face scrubber

2 Cleansing Programs

Equipped with the smart T-Zone cleansing cycle guide, effortlessly navigate through different areas of your face for optimal cleansing results


facial cleansing brush face scrubber

Hygienic Design

Specially engineered brush bristles effectively deter contaminants, and our unique breathable bristle guard allows for efficient drying and protection


facial cleansing brush face scrubber

Long-Lasting Performance

Offers over 3 months of use with one full charging session, based on two minutes daily usage. It’s also equipped with built-in overheat protection


SUPERIOR FACIAL CLEANSING - Hands can only clean on the surface. With over 20,000 sonic waves per minute, the Radiant Pro face brush penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt, makeup, sebum, or any unwanted debris.

GENTLE EXFOLIATION - Low cost spinning devices tug and twist on the face which disrupts the integrity of skin’s barrier. Our facial brush is designed to work harmoniously with the skin's natural elasticity, resulting in healthier cleansing.

ANTI-AGING SKINCARE - The Radiant Pro’s sonic micro-massage effectively lifts, firms, and tones the skin while alleviating tension in facial muscles. This contributes to a reduction in visible signs of aging and inflammation.

BOOST COLLAGEN PRODUCTION - By enhancing collagen production through optimal exfoliation, it stimulates skin renewal by scrubbing trapped dead skin cells and removing impurities, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

MAXIMIZE HYDRATION - By increasing blood flow and unclogging pores, skin is primed to better absorb skincare products. This maximizes the potency of all the ingredients from your daily routine, leading to smoother skin texture.

3 YEAR WARRANTY - Our product is supported by a remarkable industry leading 3-year warranty, a testament to our confidence in its quality. If you encounter any issues at all, simply reach out and we'll take care of it for you. 

Find out why former Clarisonic users prefer the Radiant Pro. Try it risk-free!


1. How does the Radiant Pro compare to Clarisonic Mia brushes?

The Radiant Pro provides a substantial advancement in sonic technology, offering a thorough cleansing experience that is exceptionally gentle on your skin. Many of our customers were previously devoted Clarisonic users and have expressed their enthusiastic approval of this upgrade. Additionally, the Radiant Pro is also equipped with a facial massage feature. It's worth mentioning that while Clarisonic ceased operations in 2020, we remain committed to ensuring your ongoing satisfaction.

2. How is this device better than other options?

While silicone-based brushes may seem like an attractive option, they simply do not deliver desired results, as showcased in our video demonstration. The thickness of their bristles makes it impossible for them to effectively reach and cleanse pores. Conversely, brushes that merely spin are harmful to your skin, as they tug and twist it, potentially leading to micro-tears. The Radiant Pro is meticulously engineered to work with the natural elasticity of your skin while exfoliating deep within pores.

3. How should I utilize this device for optimal cleansing?

Pair the Radiant Pro with your favorite facial cleanser! Refrain from pressing the brush head too firmly on your skin and gently cleanse using only the bristle tips. This provides optimal exfoliation while preventing the bristles from fraying.

4. What is included in the package?

The package includes the Radiant Pro Device, Regular, All-Purpose Brush Head, Charging Base, Brush Head Cover Guard, Anti-Aging Massage Head, Magnetic Attachment Stand, and Charging Cable.

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